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The Board constitutes the decision making body of BSSSC and consists of two members from each country (national platform) holding a regional political mandate, two members elected by the Youth Network and one member appointed by each of the organisations CPMR BSC, UBC and B7. The Board meets on a regular basis and is responsible for ensuring the ongoing work of the organisation and its political objectives. The board members are supported in their work by civil servants that form a resource network.

At the beginning of a new chairmanship the Board decides on the priorities and political activities of the BSSSC. The work plan will be based on the priorities expressed by the national platforms as well as take into account the political issues on the agenda in the BSR and in Europe. The work plan defines the work for the secretariat supporting the political priorities. The priorities shall also be reflected in the programme of the annual conferences.

The BSSSC Board meetings shall be designed as a good combination of discussion/dialog on relevant and current political issues, reporting on activities and initiatives and updated information. Political discussions and decisions shall be facilitated e.g. by policy/discussion papers, interventions and/or presentations from invited speakers.

The Board


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