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BSSSC Chairmanship

On 10 November 2006 the BSSSC Work Plan for 2006-2008 was adopted by the Board members at the Board Meeting in Brussels. The Work Plan is a living document and may change over time to reflect changing priorities. Such flexibility is essential to ensure that BSSSC remains an agile organisation able to respond to new situations. The BSSSC Work Plan was updated and adopted by the BSSSC Board 16 November 2007 in Gdansk.

Previous presidencies


Eastern Norway County Network

Eastern Norway County Network is a voluntary cooperation between eight county councils in the southeastern part of Norway. The eight members of
the cooperation are: Akershus, Buskerud, Hedmark, Oppland, Oslo, Telemark, Vestfold and Østfold.

The secretariat of Eastern Norway County Network was located both in Oslo and at Lillehammer.

BSSSC Chairman 2009-2010

Mr Arne Ören
Chairman of the Regional Cooperation Board of Eastern Norway County Network

The key objectives for the Norwegian Chairmanship were to:

  1. Continue to promote the interests of BSR sub-regions towards national authorities, EU institutions and others – in close cooperation with other BSR organisations and interest groups.

  2. Further develop BSSSC to an important organisation for sub-regional interests in BSR.

  3. Strengthen cooperation with Russian sub-regions in BSR

  4. Continue and develop the participation of young people in BSSSC work and act as a platform for youth cooperation on a sub-regional level in the BSR.


To achieve this, the chairmanship aimed to:

  • Continue the dialog with the national platforms based on the results from the roundtrip made in 2007 and implement the new platform for BSSSC decided by the Board in Turku 13.09.07. Together with the national platforms encourage more regions to be active and get involved in BSSSC activities and WGs.

  • Cooperate and work closely with other policy formulating Baltic Sea organisations in order to gather mutual political strength in various political positions and to avoid duplication of work. Initiate and take part in political coordination groups and/or common WG on specific topics together with other organisations.

  • Give special attention to attract the interest of and cooperation with Russian subregions by promoting the possibilities within BSR cooperation and BSSSC especially. Attend events planned and carried out by Russian actors.

  • Develop the youth participation in BSSSC work as well as to make the BSSSC a useful platform for young people to engage in interregional cooperation at BSR evel. The youth point of views and their participation in the work of BSSSC will support the opportunities for young people to meet and exchange experiences.

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