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BSSSC news

The ‘BSSSC for Ukraine’ project


Baltic Sea Youth Spring Event 2022 in Drøbak Norway!

Territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region through the maritime spatial planning

Last BSSSC Board Meeting under the Pomorskie Chairmanship!

The 29th BSSSC Annual Conference made history!

"Entry points" to EUSBSR cooperation


2nd Open Talk with BSSSC Innovation Transfer Group

It’s time for youth! BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2021

Umbrella 2.0 Tourism and Culture worskhop

Sign up for the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum 2021

Show off your project

Youth Manifesto to shape European Cooperation Policy

URB Cultural Planning Roadmap workshop

Klaipeda city this year is the European Youth Capital!

EUSBSR Annual Forum 2020 – the celebration of Baltic Sea Cooperation in times of Corona

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2020- results & next steps!

Baltic Sea Youth
in times of Corona

The online BSSSC Board Meeting on 30th September 2020

BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2020 - Digital Edition

EUSBSR- cooperation in the times of coronavirus

The European Commission's response to the Coronavirus

Board Meeting February 2020

Last Board Meeting under the Norwegian Chairmanship

Annual Conference comes to an end

BSSSC paper on the

Send your youth to the BSSSC Autumn 2019 Youth Event!

Baltic Sea Youth Camp finished

CIRCULAR BALTIC 2030 - Circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond

Stakeholder seminar – Regions and Municipalities involvement in the EUSBSR

Successful BSSSC youth event held in Kaliningrad, Russia

Summary of first BSSSC Board Meeting 2019

BSSSC active region Tavastia, Finland, leads the way in Circular Economy

2018's last BSSSC Board Meeting held in Brussels

The first workshop BSSSC for Ukraine project series

Youth in Palanga 22

First BSSSC Board online meeting under West Pomerania Region 2022

Territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region through the maritime spatial planning

Better, safer, more attractive Baltic Sea Region through cooperation with the non-EU neighbouring countries

29th BSSSC Annual Conference 2021 - Registration is now OPEN!

The successes of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and its challenges from the Baltic cities’ perspective

Enhancing Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Submit your artwork, European Maritime Day 2021

Entrepreneurship innovation: what it is and what could do it for you?

Umbrella 2.0 Awareness Raising Event is over!

Umbrella 2.0 Awareness Raising Event. Register now!

EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

First BSSSC Board online meeting in 2021

Let's communicate - webinar invitation

Umbrella 2.0 project has officially started!

Baltic Stories – the first issue of a digital magazine about the EUSBSR cooperation!

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2020

The Younger Side of the Baltic Sea Region

The very first online BSSSC Board Meeting
on June 10th, 2020

How the EUSBSR can capitalize on the Baltic Sea Region cooperation networks?


How to involve and activate civil society?

BSSSC Strategy 2030

BSSSC at StrateGov

BSSSC Youth Event in Klaipeda 2019

BSSSC Annual Conference Resolution

Registration for the BSSSC Annual Conference 2019 is open!

EUSBSR Annual Forum comes to an end

BSSSC paper on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the future of Europe

BSSSC Board Meeting in Cesis, Latvia

Active participants in Northern Dimension partnership

Join the BSSSC Youth Event in Kaliningrad!

Website for EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum 2019 launched

Meet our new BSSSC Youth Board Member

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