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Project Facts

Lead partner:

JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Higher education and research institution

Other partners:

Central Finland

  • Regional Council of Central Finland, Regional public authority

  • SSYP Kehitys Oy Ltd., Business support organization

    Hedmark County in Norway

  • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Higher education and research institution

  • Hedmark County Council, Regional public authority

  • Tretorget Ltd, Sectoral agency

    Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Poland

  • Regional Science and Technology Center, Business support organisation

  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, Regional public authority

  • Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue PRO CIVIS, NGO

    Vidzeme Region in Latvia

  • Institute for Environmental Solutions, NGO

  • Vidzeme Planning Region, Regional public authority


  • Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Center, Higher education and research institution

Start date

October 2017

Completion date

September 2020


2,7 million Euros 

There are rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems. The RDI2CluB, -project unites authorities, research, development and innovation (RDI) institutes and business development bodies to a joint quest of boosting smart and sustainable bioeconomy development in the rural regions around the Baltic Sea.


Our mission

RDI2CluB project aims to help the rural regions of Baltic Sea to reach their full bioeconomy potential. Despite the abundant biomass resources, the rural regions struggle to reach their full potential due to limited human capital, business networks and clusters. Therefore, the small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in bioeconomy are mostly in traditional, resource-based industries that have not taken full advantage of latest technology and service innovations.

Our solution

RDI2CluB builds capacity for transnational co-operation in innovation management and smart specialization in bioeconomy. At the core of RDI2CluB is a transnational learning process that results in regional bioeconomy profiles and joint action plans for developing innovation capacity and enhancing smart specialization in bioeconomy. Thereafter, the network of four rural innovation hubs will build a joint operation model and platform for innovation management.  

The model and platform are tested and scaled up via several pilots together with local small and medium sized enterprises from each region. The pilot cases with the SMEs provide feedback on the smart specialization potential in bioeconomy as well as help to validate the usability and functionality of the transnational innovation model and platform. ​

BSSSC's role

BSSSC will as an associated partner disseminate the results produced by the project and its partners, and facilitate and offer a platform for regional learning and exchange of experiences between regions in the BSR who want to further develop their Bioeconomy sector.

BSSSC will both secure the dissemination of project results beyond the project partnership but will also offer a sustainable platform for networking between rural Bioeconomy regions in BSR, their knowledge institution and innovation ecosystems.


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Contact information:

Anna Aalto, Project Coordinator

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

+358 40 640 2346 | anna.aalto(a)

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