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EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019

The 10th EUSBSR Annual Forum will be in Gdansk, Poland, 12-13 June, 2019. The Forum will highlight the circular and sharing economy as an answer to demographic changes in the Baltic Sea Region. Registration is now closed, but follow us on social media to stay updated.


The 10th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR will be held in Gdańsk on 12-13th June 2019. The Forum will be hosted by the Pomorskie Region together with the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation in close cooperation with the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and other partners.


The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) aims at reinforcing cooperation in the region to face shared challenges by working together as well as to promote more balanced development in the BSR. Since 2010, a yearly Forum to support EUSBSR has been organised. In 2019 the forum will be organised in cooperation between the Pomerania Region/ Pomorskie Voivodeship (PV) and the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC). The 10th AF will be used to communicate the EUSBSR, its objectives and the added value of macro-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. 

About 800 participants from governments, international organisations, NGOs, universities, local and regional administrations and businesses will come together to discuss developments and challenges in the Baltic Sea Region. The full programme can be found here

Registration closes May 15, so be sure to register today! Registration can be found here. 


Circular and sharing economy as an answer to demographic changes in the BSR

Demographic changes in the BSR (aging, depopulation, migrations, urbanization) influence our everyday behaviours and attitudes. They are expected to generate increasingly more significant consequences in many areas such as:

  • mobility, labour market,

  • health care and social security systems,

  • social structure, family policy and cultural patterns,

  • production and consumption models,

  • use of natural (non-renewable) resources,

  • mature and emerging markets and business sectors.

Circular and sharing economy could bring many benefits in the area of environment. It decouples the economic development from the consumption of limited resources. Thanks to this, it minimalizes negative impact on the environment, develop innovation and stimulate the development of new technologies. It allows to create new jobs and increase of system efficiency. It’s a chance for business and great challenge. It’s assumed that the improvement of optimization of use of resources in the whole value chain may decrease demand for resources by about 17-24% till 2030.

Thus, the Annual Forum will seek the answers to key questions:

  • What could be the role of the circular and sharing economy in addressing the BSR’s demographic challenges and their consequences?

  • How can public policy at all levels be re-shaped to best use circular and sharing economy to address the BSR’s demographic challenges as well as to improve its competitiveness and prosperity?

The role of the 10th Forum is to accelerate and generate ideas on how the EUSBSR can contribute to these themes. It will draw on experience and good practice from all previous EUSBSR Fora. The 10th Forum will be a good opportunity for in-depth policy discussions on the latest developments and challenges for the Baltic Sea Region. It is going to improve implementation of the EUSBSR by showing the achievements made so far, but also by pinpointing deficits identified in the day-to-day management of the Strategy. The 10th Forum will also serve as a space to promote project results or to find potential partners for new project ideas.

The 10th Forum will concentrate on actors having real influence on the implementation of the EUSBSR, including decision-makers, project-owners, researchers and public managers  at all relevant governance levels. Special focus will be given to representatives of civil society and the private sector. To be sure you are updated to changes in the programme or likewise- please follow the BSSSC communication channels, EUSBSR website and the recently launched EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019 webpage.   

25 April 2019
Updated 6 June 2019

We are looking forward to seeing you in Gdansk 12-13 June 2019! 

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The BSSSC Board Member and Vice Marshall of the Pomerania Region, Wieslaw Byczowski, ended the Annual Forum 2018 in Tallinn by inviting the participants to next year's EUSBSR Annual Forum in Gdansk.

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