The secretariat follows the Chairperson on a rotating basis. The secretariat supports the Chairperson and the Board and is responsible for the daily administration of the organisation.

The secretariat works in accordance with the work plan adopted by the Board. The secretariat prepares the Board meetings, publishes the BSSSC Newsletter and keeps the BSSSC website updated.

All costs in relation to the Chairpersonship, the performance of his or her duties as Chairperson of BSSSC and the operation of the secretariat and the Brussels Antenna lies with the Chairperson.


Eastern Norway County Network (Østlandssamarbeidet)

Mr. Roger Ryberg - BSSSC Chairman

Ms Ann Irene Saeternes, Secretary General
Mr Lars Lund Godbolt, Coordinator
Ms Hilde Beate Aarö, Adviser

Jan Edøy, Brussels Antenna

BSSSC Secretariat

Eastern Norway County Network
Akershus Fylkeskommune
Postboks 1200 Sentrum
N-0107 Oslo, Norway

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