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BSSSC Chairmanship

The BSSSC has existed for more than a decade. During those years the Baltic Sea Region went through significant changes. In 2004 several important events took place: The accession of new member states to the European Union was finished. A new European Parliament started to work. A new European Commission was appointed. Adaptation of a new constitutional Treaty for the Union was under way and preparations for new political guidelines and financial perspectives for the coming years were elaborated.

Previous presidencies


Skåne Region

Region Skåne, is situated in the south of Sweden and serves 1,1 million inhabitants (13 percent of Sweden in total). The main tasks are health and medical care, dental care and regional development (includes public transportation, economic development and innovation, cultural aff airs, investment, tourism, planning and environment and international relations).


Region Skåne employs 32 000 persons and the balance sheet is 2.6 thousand Million Euro, of witch 90 percent have reference to the health and medical care. The organisation has taxation powers.

The Baltic Sea Region as well as the rest of Europe was facing challenges that were new at the time. New relations across the new internal and external EU-borders needed to be developed to insure a prosperous, democratic, peaceful and sustainable development in this part of Europe. 

The Baltic Sea Region after the EU enlargement is one of the keys mega-regions in Europe characterised by dynamic economic development and co-operation. The regions around the Baltic Sea have great possibilities of improving the quality of life for their citizens. However, there are many challenges to be dealt with and threats that must be overcome to secure such a positive development. 

It is necessary to strengthen and develop sub-national competence and Baltic Sea Region co-operation. The aim is to support and promote a good quality of life, democracy and a sustainable development. 

BSSSC Chairman 2009-2010

Mr Uno Aldegren 
President ofthe Regional Executive Board

Region Skåne

The BSSSC Secretariat 2005-2006

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