From left: Ossi Savolainen, Chairman 2014-2017, Mieczysław Struk, Chairman 2020-2021, Roger Ryberg, Chairman 2017-2019. Taken at a BSSSC Board Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, December 3, 2019.   

Words by the new Chairman

The Norwegian Chairmanship has ended and Pomorskie Voivodeship has now taken over. 

I would like to convey most sincere congratulations to the Norwegian BSSSC Presidency: Chair Roger Ryberg, Secretary General Ann-Irene Sæternes and the whole invaluable team on the most efficiently and professionally held responsibilities when chairing the BSSSC regional network in the past years. It is beyond doubts that the BSSSC is now a strong, recognised and visible network of devoted members. It stands strongly for clean, smart, well-to-do, democratic citizen – and -youth oriented Baltic Sea Region where culture, common ideas, dreams and goals unite all the levels of society and decision – makers. And it is obvious to everybody involved that we are a strong family united by a human touch and a great sense of humour – thank you Eastern Norway County Network!

Pomorskie, taking over the presidency for the coming two years, wishes to ensure continuity of the work along the Norwegian priorities’ lines. We will do our best for the BSSSC to continue being a good partner for all the key BSR institutions and organisations starting with the Council of the Baltic Sea States. We want to be strongly involved in the work of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, but also a good Baltic Sea Region partner for essential EU policies. Cohesion policy, Youth empowerment, efficient transport, smart blue and green solutions, cultural cooperation and Baltic Sea Region identity will be at the heart of our work. We also plan to concentrate even more on the promotion and implementation of SDGs, actions towards mitigation and adaptation of climate changes and demands resulting from increasing digitalisation and aging societies. We also plan to devote our time to the current challenges to democracy and discuss possible means to make democracy important for the people again and to be a well-functioning inclusive system. And last but not least, we would like for BSSSC to capitalise even more on the Northern Dimension initiative to have all the Baltic Sea Region countries truly on board for the BSR prosperity. 

- Mieczysław Struk, BSSSC Chairman 2020-2021  


3 January 2020