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Chairmanship of Schleswig-Holstein 24/25

At the start of the new year, Schleswig-Holstein took over the chairmanship of BSSSC.

 "With the two-year chairmanship, we have the opportunity to place the Baltic Sea region more strongly in the focus of our international activities and to show that it represents an important area for the future with its potential in a wide variety of areas - from renewable energies and digitalization to strengthening democracy," said chairman and minister of Land Schleswig-Holstein for Europe Werner Schwarz. 

The thematic priorities of the Presidency are closely aligned with the goals formulated in the "Kiel Declaration 2030": These include the removal of old munitions in the Baltic Sea, the expansion of renewable energies and the improvement of transport routes around the Baltic Sea with a focus on rail. "Advancing the GREATHER 4H project to establish a green hydrogen corridor between Hamburg and Oslo is also an important point in making transport more sustainable," explained Schwarz, adding: "Digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are essential key technologies for all of the topics mentioned, which must be promoted and further developed."

The aim is also to make Baltic Sea cooperation and the resulting opportunities and results more visible to all citizens. According to the chairman, this also helps to strengthen democracy. Schwarz sees the intensification of youth cooperation as one of the most important investments in the future of a peaceful Baltic Sea region. Through youth forums, activities at schools and programs for students, participants can get to know the different cultures and come into contact with each other. The annual awarding of the title "Baltic Sea Cultural Pearl", which is intended to strengthen cooperation and increase the quality of life and attractiveness of a city, will also play a role, said the chairman. 

The BSSSC annual conference will take place in Kiel in the fall of 2024. This will bring together representatives from politics, administration and projects at regional, national and EU level. 

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