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Janne Tamminen (BSSSC Board Civil) and Ann Irene Sæternes (BSSSC Secretary General)

Active participants in Northern Dimension partnership

The Sixth Senior Officials (SO) Meeting of the Renewed Northern Dimension (ND) was held March 5 in Brussels. BSSSC were invited to present their work.

The Northern Dimension (ND) is a common policy of the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway, and the Russian Federation, aiming at supporting stability, well-being and sustainable development in Northern Europe by means of practical cooperation. It is based on good neighborliness, equal partnership, common responsibility and transparency; and includes the principle of co-financing by Northern Dimension partners and, when appropriate, from other sources, including International Financing Institutions.

Ms. Ann Irene Sæternes, General Secretary of BSSSC was present at the last ND Senior Officials meeting in Brussels. The BSSSC has been an official observer since the senior officials meeting in 2014 in Oslo and has been active within ND for twenty years. Being invited to intervene at the ND Senior Offical meeting – BSSSC voiced the important work of the regions in the ND area.

- BSSSC is happy to be part of the ND family. In its capacity as observer in the ND Steering Group, BSSSC provides a sub-regional dimension and contribution to the ND work.  BSSSC stresses the importance of dialogue and cooperation between EU member regions, Norwegian and Russian regions, says Ms. Sæternes.

An important platform

Northern Dimension focuses on issues of specific relevance in the North, such as the fragile environment, health and social issues and indigenous peoples' issues. The Northern Dimension common policy provides concrete and pragmatic activities with the objective to achieve tangible results, taking into account the need to endeavour to ensure synergies with other regional programmes and initiatives. It is conducted in cooperation with international, regional, subregional and local organizations, institutions and other actors, including the business community and civil society organisations. The aim of the meeting is to take stock of the policy and offer guidance to the Northern Dimension partnerships and related actors.

- ND has an important role as a platform of cooperation in several policy areas (e.g. environment, transport, health and culture). BSSSC presence at the meeting gave us a good update on the work done and the plans for the future, says Ms. Sæternes.

The Senior Officials highlighted the importance of people-to-people contacts, including the involvement of the younger generations into current initiatives. They recognized the need to address climate change as a common goal. Youth involvement was mentioned several times in the meeting by the ND partners. BSSSC added value by pointing to concrete activities involving young people – especially the Baltic Youth Camp in June (8-12) involving youth from all ND partners.  

To read the conclusions of the Sixth Senior Officials meeting please go here.


14 March 2019


The sixth Senior Officials Meeting of the Northern Dimension policy was held March 5 in Brussels, Belgium.

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