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Sari Rautio, our newest Board Member, introduces herself to the Board.
Photo: Lars Godbolt, BSSSC.

Welcome to our new Board Member from Häme, Finland

Sari Rautio, Vice Chairperson of the Managing Board of the Regional Council of Häme and the Chairperson of the City Board of Hämeenlinna, is the new BSSSC Board Member from Häme Region, Finland. Get to know her in this interview. 

As the former BSSSC representative from Häme, Iisakki Kiemunki, went from the Regional Council of Häme to other duties, Sari Rautio was nominated. Sari is a busy person that juggles a busy family life with four children with an active career in the Finnish innovation fund, Sitra, in the theme of impact investing. 


- When not taking care of my four lovely children, I golf, run, dance - and enjoy nice long evenings with friends.

Born in Northern Finland, Sari can handle the cold better than most of us. 


- I enjoy swimming in our Baltic Sea - not only in the summertime,  but also in the wintertime! 


For the moment Sari lives in the oldest inland city of Finland, Hämeenlinna, located in the Growth corridor Finland.


- It's a beautiful city, known from its rich nature and culture. I want to contribute to the development of the city and region and I am therefore also the Chairperson of the City Board of Hämeenlinna.

As the Chairperson of the City Board, and the Vice Chairperson of the Managing Board of the Regional Council of Häme, Sari was nominated to be the Häme representative to the BSSSC. She wanted to be a part of the BSSSC Board because the BSSSC is a combination of several topics that she believes in. 

- I believe in Europe working together, both strongly and widely. I also believe in the cooperation with the Nordic regions of Europe - and I believe that it is of uttermost importance to involve young people in everything we do. All in all, the BSSSC is combining all of these parts, so I’m very privileged to be involved.


Sari says infrastructure, sustainability and the UN's sustainable development goals, are topics that lies closes to her heart. 


- I’m very happy and ready to work together with the BSSSC family towards the better future of all Europe and of course the BSSSC countries.

Sari has already shown herself as a good contribution to the BSSSC, with good input on how we can improve our communcation, and already committing Häme to hosting the BSSSC Youth Event Spring 2018. 

- We are very happy to host the BSSSC Youth Event this spring. We have heard many good things about the former youth events and we will hopefully add our event to a long tradition of successful youth events in the BSSSC! 

The BSSSC Youth Event will be 18-20 April 2018. 

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10. December 2017

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