In Norway there are three levels of self-government; state, county and municipal level. Norway is divided into 19 counties and 431 municipalities.


The capital, Oslo, is classified as being both a county authority and a municipality. The municipalities and the county authorities have the same administrative status, whereas central government has the overriding authority and supervision of municipal and county municipal administration. The main representative of central government supervising local authorities is the County Governor. The Storting (Parliament) and the Government regulate the tasks that are delegated to the various levels. This is partly accomplished through direct regulation by specific laws, and partly by indirect regulation through the management of the basic econimic conditions that play a decisive role indetermining the tasks that are to be dealt with. 


All Norwegian regions are part of the BSSSC network. Eight of them: Akershus, Buskerud, Hedmark, Oppland, Oslo, Telemark, Vestfold and Östfold form Eastern Norway County Network.

Eastern Norway County Network

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