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Baltic Youth Camp Declaration

Over one hundred youths from more than fifteen different countries met in Gdansk for the Baltic Youth Camp 8-11 June. Through the last months some of the youths have gathered all the ideas and fit them into one declaration. 

20. September 2019


This Youth Declaration is an outcome of a long process that is brought alive by youth representatives from Euroregion Baltic (ERB), the Union of Baltic Cities and the Baltic Sea State Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC).
The Declaration represents the views and opinions of the participants of the Baltic Sea Youth Camp that took place in Gdansk form the 8-11th of June 2019. The views, recommendations and opinions were written keeping the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind and can by executed and supported by every stakeholder in the Baltic Sea Area.
The youth declaration has other relevant documents attached that were written by youth and express their opinion. The goal of this document is it to give the youth a voice.
This declaration and the other documents can also be found at:


To the reader,

At the Baltic Sea Youth Camp an extraordinary amount of young people came together with eager and commitment to change the world, starting with the Baltic Sea Region.  The networks that were built, the ideas that were created and the output are all beyond expectations.

The youth has worked hard throughout the days to ensure this outcome and has presented their views afterwards of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum (EUSBSR), the Kaliningrad Partner Regions meeting and other events afterwards. After the camp, many youths continued to work on the projects to ensure the Baltic Sea Region will be a prosper and sustainable area for everyone to live a healthy life.

The youth strongly expressed that they want the youth camp to take part again, which could be organized by implementing the “One Youth platform in the Baltic Sea Region” concept that is also enclosed, and we believe that the results call for this as well.

We look back with great pride and emotion to the days at the camp, as the number of great ideas and strong opinions expressed during those days were above any of our expectations and hope for support for repeating this event.

Best Regards,


Agnes Lusti and Martin Rümmelein

Youth members of the BSSSC board. Editors of this Document.

Download the declaration

Video summary of the Baltic Youth Camp 2019

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