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Klaipeda city this year is the European Youth Capital!


Klaipėda city is now European Youth Capital for 2021.

It is the first city of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region awarded by the European Youth Forum.

We are proud that this title of the European Youth Capital was brought by our port city youth for the first time not only to Lithuania, but also to the whole Northern Europe, although the initiative of youth capitals started more than a decade ago. The title provides an extraordinary opportunity for Klaipeda’s region young people to attract the attention of European youth, to present the city in an international context, and to strengthen the identity of European youth.


Although the pandemic has adjusted the plans a bit, I assure you that various smart solutions and the inexhaustible enthusiasm and energy of our youth will guarantee no less impressive and meaningful projects and events.


European Youth Capital 2021 Opening Event will take place on the 11th of March on the Lithuania Independence Restoration Day.


During this year, Klaipėda will implement a complex program set out in nine platforms, which consist of the problems, achievements and expectations identified by the youth. Among the challenges raised by this project are weak political literacy of young people, lack of an environment which would foster entrepreneurship and creativity, avoidance of "inconvenient" topics and people, and an aging city.

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