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The Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) [correctly pronounced: B·triple-S·C] is a political network for decentralised authorities (subregions) in the Baltic Sea Region.



The Board constitutes the decision making body of BSSSC and consists of two members members elected by the Youth Network. Currently the Board is chaired by Mr. Werner Schwarz from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


Youth policy is one of the main priorities of the BSSSC. Since the establishing of the BSSSC, youth work and youth events have been supported and promoted by the BSSSC Board.

Baltic Sea Region

The future of the Baltic Sea Region depends on the interplay of what policies are being pursued within the region, and what European and global economic and political environment they will face. 

Policy Work


BSSSC underlines the importance of the regional level and works to influence the nations within the Baltic Sea Region and the EU institutions when national and European policy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is formulated and implemented.



First BSSSC Board Meeting under Schleswig-Holstein chairmanship in Gdansk
Chairmanship of Schleswig-Holstein 24/25
The ‘BSSSC for Ukraine’ project
The first workshop BSSSC for Ukraine project series

What's next?

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