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Regional cooperation

​We underline the importance of the regional level and work to influence the nations within the Baltic Sea Region and the EU institutions when national and European policy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is formulated and implemented.


BSSSC will also work for coordination of different EU policies and national policies.

Chairmanship 2020-2021



BSSSC has a rotating chairmanship system, and 1 January 2020 Pomorskie Voivodeship has taken over the responsibility of this network organisation for the next two years.


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BSSSC ANNUAL CONFERENCE ONLINE: 🌐 Strong and Inclusive Cooperation in the BSR for the Future

The main topics will include:
🌀EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and Russia’s Strategy for the North-West Russia: synergies that can boost cooperation around the Baltic Sea
🌀 Interreg achievements and future solutions
🌀 European Territorial Agenda
🌀 Culture and BSR Identity
🌀 State of the Baltic Sea – Plastic Free Sea
🌀 Intelligent Transport and Mobility
And more...
Stay tuned for more info ❗️​

Baltic Sea Youth in times of Corona


The current COVID 19 crisis brought societal disruptions and had large economic consequences. But has it additionally weakened and isolated young people? During the BSSSC Spring Youth Event – online edition 2nd-5th June 2020 -  we gave young people the opportunity to exchange views on the Corona crisis and to discuss the lessons learned with experts and politicians from around the Baltic Sea Region. Particularly we discussed the corona-impact on youth in connection with four UN Sustainable Development Goals - the Climate crisis and the European Green Deal, digitalisation, education and finally democracy and youth participation.

The Younger Side of the Baltic Sea Region. Youth initiatives contributing to the common goals of the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region.


I met Julia and Martin for the first time almost two years ago. It was in September, at an annual conference of Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) in Gdańsk. For her, it was just the onset of an adventure into the Baltic Affairs. For him, it was a big step forward. At that time Martin was in the middle of his cadency at BSSSC Board as a Baltic Sea Region Youth representative and he had already earned his reputation as an engaged and visionary lad with lots of ideas on the youth empowerment in the Baltic Sea Region.

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