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Solidarity, participation and smart action for a better future

26th BSSSC Annual Conference 
September 10-12, 2018, Gdansk, Poland

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2018 came to and end. This year the topic was on  on Solidarity, Participation and Innovation. 

Solidarity – in all its aspects: as an EU value that we have forgotten about to a great extent, and the result of implementing this value on the EU level is, for instance, cohesion policy.


Solidarity – as a broader understood human value for instance, the issue of immigrants.


Solidarity – as a generation issue – understanding how the state and state budget operate – that it has to be a solidarity issue to a great extent, where the young and elderly people are mutually responsible for healthy solutions and where the youth and healthy work to pay the elderly.


Solidarity - as a historical phenomenon – Poland’s social movement Solidarity, where it has brought us, what it has meant for Europe and the Baltic Sea Region.

Participation - the global situation has changed so much that we have to redefine democratic models. There is a an urgent need to discuss democracy, especially with the youth, to involve them in a better way.

There is also a stronger need for us to work on participation issues because the current times (with aspects such as the internet media, social media, etc) demand a broader participation of citizens.


Innovation-  Being smart in all the social and economic spheres – a social innovation approach. 

Being innovate and smart using new tools such as c
ulturability, which is about solving social problems with bigger participation of citizens and using art and culture. 

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Conference material

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