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Co-operation with EU institutions

The BSSSC has traditionally had excellent co-operation with the European insitutions.

For example one of the European Commission's four roundtables on the EUSBSR was held at the BSSSC Annual Conference in Kaunas 2008. The first Annual Forum of the EUSBSR was organized back-to-back with the BSSSC Annual Conference in Tallinn in 2010. The BSSSC has also signed a Declaration of Common Interest with the Committee of the Regions together with four other Baltic Sea organizations.

Interregional group "Baltic Sea Regions"

The Group Baltic Sea Regions was set up in February 2008 within the Committee of the Regions (CoR), it aims:

  • to reflect within the CoR the cooperation between Baltic Sea regions and to contribute to the development of these regions in the broadest sense;

  • to explore the impact of various EU policies, particularly as regards the economic and environmental dimension of maritime policy;

  • to contribute to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, adopted in June 2009.

Informal Baltic Sea Group

iBSG is an informal network representing circa 55 regional offices and organisations of the Baltic Sea Region in Brussels. Main objectives of iBSG is to organize EU briefings and events on Baltic Sea policy issues, build-up partnerhips in the Baltic Sea Region and increase common interest in the BSR to contribute to the EU policy development.

The BSSSC is represented in the IBSG by the Brussels Antenna.

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