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First BSSSC Board Meeting in 2023 in Turku, Finland  

BSSSC Board met on the first of the 2023 Board Meeting in Turku. The meeting gathered nearly thirty people - representatives of member regions, partner organizations, and networks as well as the youth, both online and phisically.

February 8th, 2023

BSSSC Board and guests met on the Board Meeting in Turku.The meeting gathered nearly thirty people - representatives of member regions, partner organizations, and networks as well as the youth.


Our Board Members met on the 1st and 2nd of February.


The first day began with a site visit to Rester Ltd is a Scandinavian company offering circular solutions in the b-to-b sector and the ability to recycle textiles into new textile fiber and high quality raw materials.

The recycling plant in Finland accepts companies' textiles, refines them into new, high-quality textile raw materials. It provides services for companies that use textiles such as work clothes or produce side streams such as cutting waste. For third-party customers, the company sells Rester recycled fibers that replace virgin materials, ensuring a lower environmental impact. Customers choose Rester as their partner because they want to be part of the change toward a green transformation.

Rester presentation 2023-6.jpg
Rester presentation 2023-4.jpg

The Board Meeting on the first day was primarily aimed at discussing the standing agenda items presented by our Rapporteurs, discussing and summarizing the study visit and getting to know the host region better. 

The topics presented by our Rapporteurs concerned cohesion-, culture-, and maritime policy, youth cooperation and so significant to all Baltic Sea regions - European issues as well as Ukraine-Russia situation.

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

The Board Meeting on the second day was was devoted to topics substantial for BSSSC in the development process and for the planning of the 2023 work strategy.

An important topic was the discussion of CBSS and cooperation with BSSSC and other organisations in the BSR.
The Board and guests overviewed the document concerning Possible Contribution of BSSSC to the discussion on future of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.


 West Pomerania Presidency presented projects proposals for 2023. 


  "BSSSC for Ukraine" - a project for managing local governments and regional councils. The aim is to:

  • transfer of knowledge and practical experiences related to the systems of regional councils and governments (RCG) organization and functioning in BSSSC regions;

  • identificate of the best legal, organizational and financial solutions, identification of challenges and problems related to RCG activities.



  Circular Economy in South Baltic Educational Project. The aim is to promote the circular economy idea, raise awareness of its meaning and necessity of its implementation.

The guest from CBSS - Aline Mayr, gave a speach about the new Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum (continuation of the Baltic Youth Platform) and we talked bout the plans for the future.

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