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The first workshop BSSSC for Ukraine project series

On July 17, 2023, the first workshop in the BSSSC for Ukraine project series took place.

June 27th, 2023

The participants of the workshop were 132 representatives of over 50 self-government units (on regional, supra-local and local level) from the Odessa Oblast (a partner region of the West Pomerania Region). Workshop on ‘The role of European Union funds in regional development in Poland. The Example of Western Pomerania' was conducted by the Director of the Strategic Management Department of the Marshal's Office of the West Pomerania Region, Mr. Marcin Szmyt.


During the meeting, the procedures of applying for the EU funds of the EU Member States were presented, as well as Poland's experience in the pre- and post-accession period, the process of developing optimal methods and means aimed at the maximum use of available funds, in accordance with the existing needs and social expectations. The workshop was provided in Polish with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian. It was evaluated very positively by all of Ukrainian participants.

Another meeting is coming soon. It will be devoted to the conditions and opportunities for the development of the maritime economy at the regional level.

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