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The Second Open Talk of the BSSSC Innovation Transfer Group

BSSSC Secretariat has a pleasure to invite you to the second Innovation Transfer Group Open Talk organised together with Vidzeme Planning Region

May 27th, 2021

BSSSC_Innovation Transfer Group.jpg

The open talk took place on May 27th, 11:00-12:00 CEST

Stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region have joined forces to develop practical actions for supporting innovation for the industry in the macro-region. That is a key to build a competitive and resilient macro-region. Transnational Smart specialisation strategy (Trans-S3) for the BSR and practical actions to implement joint, transnational innovation within the Transnational Innovation brokerage system (TIBS) will be presented. Competitive advantage for Trans-S3 for the Baltic Sea Region, benefits and opportunities for organisations to uptake TIBS approach and to join the network were shared during 2 presentations from Mr Esa Kokkonen, Director of the Baltic Institute of Finland and EUSBSR PA Innovation coordinator, and Mr Wieslaw Urban, associated professor of the Bialystok University of Technology in Poland, Project GoSmart&Excel BSR Leading partner. 

Our Open Talk Experts:

  • Esa Kokkonen, PA Innovation plans for 2021-2027, (including how they will reach the plan and support those priorities by participating in the GoSmart&Excel BSR project)

  • Wieslaw Urban, presents the GoSmart&Excel BSR project, including the results of the previous 3,5 year-long project GoSmart BSR which extension is the Excel project. Two main results were the Transnational Innovation brokerage system and Transnational S3 methodology. It is planned during this year to prepare the Smart specialisation strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, so PA Innovation will also support this with the need for such a joint approach for S3.


------ Please see the video from the seminar below: