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Join the BSSSC Youth Event 2017!

Are you a youth eager to join discussions on the way forward for the Baltic Sea Region? Join us again (or for the first time) for the BSSSC Youth Event 2017 and the 25th BSSSC Annual Conference!

The BSSSC Youth Event 2017 will take place in Trebnitz and for the BSSSC AC we’ll go to in Potsdam. Both events focus on discussions about cohesion policy, cultural heritage, and Baltic2030 with its main subject to be: Cohesion = Togetherness - People working together across borders in the Baltic Sea Region. The youth event will take place from 18 September 16.30 to 20 September 18:00 in Potsdam, Germany. The 25h Annual BSSSC Conference will be the days after, from September 21 to September 22.

The BSSSC Youth Event 2017 is a chance to gain loads of knowledge, based on interacting and sharing experience is an opportunity to create new ideas and, friendships, partnerships and showing support to development of the Baltic Sea Region.

Apart from that, as always, you’ll meet active and involved youngsters from local and regional youth councils and NGOs of the Baltic Sea Region.

So if you are connected with your local/regional council of the BSSSC member country and interested in the BSR issues contact your regional BSSSC representative or Malgorzata Ludwiczek ( mludwiczek -at- ) and more info will be sent to you directly.

See you there!

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