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Message from the BSSSC Chairman

Helsinki-Uusimaa Region’s Chairmanship will continue until the end of 2015, having Mr. Ossi Savolainen as a Chairman. Mr. Janne Tamminen will start as a leader of Helsinki EU Office in Brussels in the beginning of the new year and continue his work with the BSSSC as Brussels Antenna. Mr. Jaakko Mikkola as a Director for International Affairs will have a main coordinating role for Brussels office and also BSSSC Secretariat’s work. The new Secretary General for the BSSSC will be Ms. Heli Halla-aho.

Board will have its next meeting 5-6 February 2015 in Forssa, Finland.

The 23rd Annual Conference will be held in Visby, Gotland, Sweden, on 23-25 September 2015.

Season´s Greetings!

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