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Sonera enables digital business

Digitalization affects business in all companies – not only in the game industry or growth companies seeking to become global at quick pace but also in local and central government and in companies providing transport and welfare services. Sonera’s role in the digitalization is to be a strong partner for companies turning digital.

The digitalization is a topical and business-critical phenomenon that no company can ignore. Basically, it concerns communications and data traffic between people, things and organizations.

"Today, many business-critical concepts are technological in nature and have to do with data communications networks. Human interaction has also changed: people are more and more accustomed to transact and interact digitally. Encounters take place increasingly often in the network – be it transactions, business or personal relations. The businesses must take this into account,” says Petri Niittymäki, head of Sonera’s enterprise business.

Digitalization brings flexibility into everyday life

The digitalization manifests itself in different ways: not only does it help us enable new business but it also simplifies everyday life. In our neighbouring Estonia, for example, the digitalization has already reached the point where people can vote online through remote access and apply for an electronic identity. 

A fresh example of the digitalization in Finland is a video-assisted customer service and online chat implemented by Sonera and adopted by the early childhood education service of the City of Turku in February. Thanks to these new services, people in Turku can now attend to matters related to day care or early teaching while sitting at home.


Sonera helps companies heading for new business

Sonera’s ambition is to be a strong partner for companies turning digital. ”We have strong expertise in the automation of data streams between different organizations and in the networking of things by the use of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology.We help our customers to understand the significance of digitalization to their business and to take steps towards digital business in a controlled manner. At the same time we offer our customers the basic infrastructure services – such as data network connections – that are essential to business,” says Niittymäki. 

Collaboration is powerful, and so Sonera is building up its digitalization expertise together with innovative partners. One product produced through partnership is Matkalainen, a smart traffic application helping drivers on the road, which is a product of collaboration between Futurice, Sonera and consumers. We will launch the application in spring 2015. 

Mira Kettunen
Stella Kallionpää

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