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The Secratariat and Chairman. From left: Jan Edøy, Brussels Antenna, Hilde Aarø, Special Advisor, Lars Godbolt, Executive Secretary, Roger Ryberg, Chairman, Ann Irene Sæternes, Secretary General

The Norwegian Chairmanship of the BSSSC prolonged to end of 2019

The Norwegian Chairman and Secretariat of the Eastern Norway County Network are happy to inform you that with support of the BSSSC Board, we are prolonging our Chairmanship to the end of 2019. From the start of 2020 there will be a merging of several Norwegian regions and thus we thought it natural to continue until the new regions start their work. Also, there are several events in 2019 that we want to see through - such as the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019 and a planned Youth Camp back to back with the forum. We are looking forward to continue cooperating with you in making the Baltic Sea Region an even better place for all. Have a wonderful summer!


- The BSSSC Chairman and Secretariat, 21 June 2018 

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