Growth, jobs and innovation - smart specialisation and blue growth

The BSSSC believes that the digital future with its tools and methods will offer tremendous opportunities within education and lifelong learning as well as support to science, creativity and innovation in the BSR regions. At the same time, the digitization of private and economic spheres carries substantial risks, e.g. for the social cohesion of our societies and the security of data and digitized infrastructure.


The concept of smart specialisation has proven to be successful in fostering innovation by strengthening the competitive advantages and development potentials of regions.


Bio-economy offers great opportunities for accelerating growth and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region. The crosscutting nature of bio-economy calls for new ways of working and cooperating, as well as new processes, services and products that can contribute to a greener future.


BSSSC sees a huge potential for sectors covered by the Blue Growth initiative in the BSR. It is important to continue encouraging an integrated and holistic approach to blue growth, identifying synergies and symbioses that give added value to maritime space and waterways and at the same time contributing to the protection of the Baltic Sea.


BSSSC will:

  • Cooperate with the relevant Policy Area Coordinators in the EUSBSR.

  • Establish a dialog with the Baltic Sea Commission Maritime WG and Energy WG and join forces when relevant

  • Formulate political requirements of the regions towards decision-making bodies on the topics concerned

  • Provide meeting places and be a platform for stakeholder engagement and share of good practises and disseminate best practise examples from projects and governance models

  • Use its platform to share best practises and disseminate results from the Interreg BSR project RDI2Club (Rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart Bio-economy Clusters and innovation ecosystems). Be an associated partner 

  • Support the Interreg BSR project Smart-Up BSR (“Improving smart specialisation implementation of the Baltic Sea Region through orchestrating innovation hubs) as an associated partner

Growth, jobs and innovation
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