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Photos: Kristian Singh-Nergård

„Blue Economy in a Blue Sea”

„Blue Economy in a Blue Sea” Workshops

The BSSSC loves working with youth because they provide us with new perspectives, clever ideas and solutions - and tons of energy. 

From September 14-16 in Szczecin, Poland around 14 youths from the BSSSC Youth Network met to discuss about bioeconomy and renewable energy. The workshops was destinated to prepare young people to participate in the annual conference in Palanga, two interactive lectures were organised to help participants share their ideas and thoughts.



In addition, there was a team-building barbecue and a guided tour around the essential cultural spots of Szczecin.

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2022 will take place in Palanga, Lithuania 16 till 19 October. The focus will be on Green and Blue Bioeconomy, Reneable Energy and EU Green Deal importance.

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