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Save the date: August 18-20 “ReGeneration 2030 Summit”, Åland Islands

BSSSC youths are invited to join the ReGeneration 2030 Summit 18-20 August. Save the date now!

What: A meeting place where the youth discuss and propose solutions to reach the UN sustainable
development goals. While creating a platform and a movement for solutions and learning across
generations, the participants have the opportunity to meet and discuss solutions with key stakeholders.

Why: In sustainable development, the discussions often centre around the future and the world that will be transferred to the youth. However, it is rare that the youth take the lead in discussions about the
present and the future.

How: The annual ReGeneration 2030 Summit will create an arena where the youth in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region* meet to exchange knowledge and experience, reflect and act together. The Summit provides tools and helps to find focal points for cooperation. This process becomes a starting point for a sustainable development movement in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. The Summit of 2018 will focus on Goal 12 in Agenda 2030: Responsible consumption and production.

For whom: The main participants are 15-29 year olds in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region. Established leaders from civil society, enterprises, politics, academia and the public sector are also invited to meet the youth, to listen and to receive the solutions and messages.

By whom: ReGeneration 2030 is organised and led by numerous organisations and partners in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.

*The region includes: Denmark, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia,
Sweden and the Åland Islands.

More info/ Contact
Hanna Salmén, Coordinator
ReGeneration 2030


12. February 2018

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