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Seminar on smart specialisation and innovation held in Oslo, Norway

Communicating the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is important for the BSSSC. Therefore, the Norwegian Chairmanship (Eastern Norway County Network) arranged a seminar on one of the priorities of the EUSBSR: Innovation on April 25.

As part of the participation of Eastern Norway County Network in the Interreg Baltic Sea project Let's Communicate! a seminar was held focusing on smart specialization with input and experience shared by the Baltic Sea Region. The target group for the seminar was Norwegian county representatives representing regional development and international cooperation. The seminar, labeled "Innovation and Smart Specialisation in the EUSBSR" started with an introduction to the EUSBSR. Afterwards, an overview of smart specialisation was giving from Jukka Teräs in Nordregio, who introduced Smart Specialisation as creating your innovation strategies based on existing strengths and combine the resources in a new way to provoke new ideas and possibilities for growth. Best practices on smart specialisation strategies were also presented, among others, from Region Värmland (Sweden), and Trøndelag and Oppland (Norway). Region Värmland found out through an OECD evaluation from 2006 that they needed to strengthen the role of Karlstad University in the region. They created a contract between the region and the university to help strengthen the link between business clusters and research, and together develop a few internationally strong research areas. The region participated in a MOOC (massive open online course) to come into the concept of Smart specialization.

The Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernization participated actively and received input for its work on a guide on smart specialization. Experts from the European Commission's DG Regional, Joint Research Center / S3 platform in Seville, responsible coordinator for innovation in the Baltic Sea Strategy, contributed with professional information and input. Innovation Norway presented examples of their cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.

The seminar gave important input to the regional reform process in Norway – highlighting Smart Specialisation and the experiences with S3-strategies in the Baltic Sea Region. The seminar also thought the participants about Baltic Sea Region Cooperation and the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).


Down below you will find programs, participant list and presentations from the seminar. In addition, you will find information about the Baltic Leadership Program under the direction of the Swedish Institute. They are now planning an programme focusing on smart specialization.

Seminar on EUSBSR in Oslo April 2018 – English

Participant list EUSBSR seminar 250418

DG Regio – Lina Marcinkute

PA Inno – Tomasz Jalukowicz

Nordregio – Jukka Teräs

KMD – Anja Gjærum

JRC S3 plattform – Lina Stanionyte

Region Värmland – Anders Olsson (2)

Trøndelag fylkeskommune – Per Erik Sørås

Oppland fylkeskommune – Erik Lagethon

Innovation Norge – Hans Erik Melandsø

Baltic Leadership Programme S3 – Gabor Schneider, SI


30. April 2018

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