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From left: Timo Nikolaisen, Roger Ryberg (BSSSC Chairman) and Martin Ruemmelein. 
Photo: Lars Godbolt, BSSSC.

Welcome to our two new Youth Board Members

30. september 2017

Two seats in the BSSSC Board are permanently reserved for youth, and during the BSSSC Youth Event in Trebnitz, Germany, Martin Ruemmelein from Germany and Timo Nikolaisen from Norway were elected. 

Timo Nikolaisen from Buskerud, Norway was elected for one year. He was born and raised in a tiny village outside Oslo and moved alone to Drammen, Buskerud, Norway, at age 16 to pursue his education.


­- In Drammen I fell in love with youth involvement through my local youth council and youth county council.


Nikolaisen says he has a personal reason also for pursuing Baltic Sea Region politics.


- As a German citizen since birth I have strong ties to other Baltic countries through both language and family (shout out to my grandma in Schleswig-Holstein!). 

Martin Ruemmelein also has special ties to two different countries in the Baltic Sea Region. He is originally from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, but lives and studies in Denmark.

Nikolaisen says BSSSC is a great place for political exchange, and wants to work with including all the BSR countries in the discussions.  

- My reasons for running for board member were several, but I believe the most important one was empowerment. I get a little sad when I see all the countries missing from the discussions, especially during the youth conference. As far as I’m concerned, the BSSSC is great place for political exchange - however its effectivity relies on strong regional and youth representation. Our network is imperfect until youths from all countries and the different regions within them are represented, and that is what drives me.

Ruemmelein agrees and thinks the BSSSC provides a good platform for people across the Baltic Sea Area to collaborate on projects that will change peoples lives.


- I always wanted to help to make a positive impact on peoples lives on an international level. BSSSC is an organization that really makes a difference and tries to solve modern problems like the climate change. 

Ruemmelein belives we need the BSSSC because in our globalized modern world, challenges must be met on a global level. 

- As Globalization is changing our daily live we also must solve problems and shape our society on the global level. The Baltic Sea area is perfect for facing Problems and challenges because we can look back on a long history of cohesion. However, 
I think that the BSSSC should try to have more concrete results which will have an even greater impact in the Baltic Sea Region. 


The whole BSSSC family welcomes Timo and Martin to the Board - we would at the same time send our warmest thank yous to Ms. Kari Lie from Norway, who has done a tremendous job the last two years as a Youth Board Member. 


From left: Martin Ruemmelein, Kari Lie (former Youth Board Member) and Timo Nikolaisen. 
Photo: Lars Godbolt, BSSSC.

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