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Young people’s voices must be heard!

Toolkit of the Manifesto for young people is ready !

March 11, 2021

The Manifesto for the young people to shape the European Cooperation Policy  has its own visuals. The toolkit is available online. Its aim is to disseminate the Manifesto and its 12 recommendations. 

The Manifesto was presented during the annual meeting of young people within the 30th anniversary of the EU flagship program, Interreg. The document was published on October 15th and contains ideas of the European youth on the future European integration in territorial cooperation.  


The Manifesto is addressed to the decision - makers at the national, regional, and local level, and managing authorities, as well as organizations interested in cohesion, youth and democratic participation. The Manifesto with its 12 concrete recommendations was officially presented to the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform, Ms Elisa Ferreira.


The Manifesto presents five areas of concerns for European youth especially linked to:

1) education and training opportunities;

2) employment and job market;

3) digitalisation;

4) climate change;

5) citizens’ engagement. 


The communication toolkit like videos, infographics and visuals of the Manifesto are available here .


Download the Manifesto here.   

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