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Youth Spring Event 2024 in Gdansk

This year BSSSC Youth Spring Event in Gdansk was a truly remarkable experience for approximately 25 young participants from Poland, Germany, and Norway. The event featured a fresh and innovative concept: spanning from March 4th to 7th, 2024, attendees were graciously invited to Gdansk to take part in the EDUOFFSHOREWIND Fair, an educational exposition focusing on offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea.

Youth Spring Event 2024 in Gdansk

Our journey commenced with a visit to the immense Crist Shipyard in the port of Gdynia, renowned for its construction of specialized vessels for offshore wind turbine installations. The following two days were dedicated to the Innovation Baltic Challenge, where BSSSC youths collaborated with 30 peers from the South Baltic Euroregion to develop 10 cutting-edge, creative, and sustainable project proposals. Participants were given the option to choose from three thematic areas: crafting an advertising campaign to bolster army recruitment, designing a youth recreational facility utilizing recycled wind turbines, or addressing Baltic Sea region challenges through the integration of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. The culminating ceremony, officiated by the Minister for European Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein and BSSSC Chairman Werner Schwarz, saw the acknowledgment of the top five project designs.

The last afternoon was filled with enlightening workshops on Fake News and Poland's Offshore Strategy, underscoring the significance of environmental consciousness alongside the imperative of reducing fossil fuel dependency. Participants found particular value in learning strategies for discerning targeted fake news, enhancing their ability to navigate contemporary social media landscapes. The event concluded with a substantive exchange of ideas with CBSS Director General Grzegorz Poznański regarding Baltic regional security dynamics, followed by convivial conversations with BSSSC Board members during the evening's communal dinner. 

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to the organizers at the Pomeranian Marshal's Office for their efforts. We depart enriched with fresh perspectives and inspired to contribute further to the ecological, economic, and social advancement of the Baltic Sea region from a youth-centric standpoint.

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