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Youth must get a stronger role in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR)

During the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2018 in Tallinn 4-5 June, about 20 youths from the networks of BSSSC, Euroregion Baltic (ERB), Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) and several National Youth Councils demanded stronger youth participation in the EUSBSR

BSSSC alongside Union of the Baltic Cities Euroregion Baltic - ERB, National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU), The National Youth Council of Latvia (LJP) and Estonian National Youth Council (ENL) arranged a seminar at the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region annual forum 2018 about youth inclusion. Youths from all our networks were present and had good discussions with representatives from EUSBSR Policy areaes of Culture, Innovation, and Education, as well as the horizontal action area Climate, and Maira Mora, Director General of the Council of the Baltic Sea States.

The twenty youths had met already on June 10, discussing digital tools and revising the educational system to be better equipped for the future throughout Sunday and Monday before the EUSBSR Annual forum 2018 kicked off. 

"The educational system should not teach us the length of European rivers or other facts we easily can google, it should teach us skills to be able to quickly adapt to new tools and technology" said one of the youths.

Stefan Musiolik, PA Culture, said that they learn a lot from youths, among other using tools such as gamification to teach history in a fun and easy way.

In the light of digital tools, another youth added that "the youths are not only interested in apps and hashtags, we read books, declarations, we adopt to the grown up world: we dress up nicely and we are here, at this forum, to talk to you".

Martin Rümmelein, BSSSC Youth Board Member, summed up the event by presenting a statement from the work of the youths from the work done by the youths before the Annual forum:

1) BSSSC, CBSS, ERB, UBC supports youth with the 2019 BALTIC SEA YOUTH CAMP connected to the EUSBSR forum 2019 in Gdansk. EUSBSR can use this to involve with youth.

We want a fixed role, place and influence in the EUSBSR after 2020

Contribution to this is done using digital tools, so ALL youth of the BSR have the possibility to contribute.
First and ALL following editions will available on  (The website is still under construction)

EUSBSR must use the Baltic Sea Youth Declaration as a foundation for policy work after 2019 – we are in front !

9th EUSBSR Annual Forum

The main theme of the 9th Annual Forum in Tallinn was the Baltic Sea Region After 2020. The Forum discussed how to improve the implementation of the EUSBSR in the framework of the future EU Cohesion Policy. It discussed also the current state of the ecosystem in the Baltic Sea as well as how to advance the Region as a global digital hub. Among the speakers were Polish Foreign Minister H.E Jacek Czaputowicz who said: “The EUSBSR is about merging the work of CBSS, Helcom, BSSSC and many others”. Also present were Mr Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia, H.E. Mr Māris Kučinskis, Prime Minister of Latvia, H.E. Mr Saulius Skvernelis, Prime Minister of Lithuania and Ms Corina Cretu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy.


10th EUSBSR Annual Forum co-hosted by the BSSSC

The BSSSC Board Member and Vice Marshall of the Pomerania Region, Wieslaw Byczowski, ended the Annual Forum in Tallinn by inviting the participants to next year's EUSBSR Annual Forum in Gdansk, Poland - cohosted by the BSSSC, June 12-13. Read more about the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2019 here. Welcome!


08. June 2018

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