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Welcome to BSSSC Youth Spring Event 2018!

18 - 20 April, Hämeenlinna, Finland

It's time for the BSSSC Youth Spring Event! 

Welcome to Tavastia Region in Finland April 18-20! It is going to be a fun and productive seminar where youths from all over the Baltic Sea Region can work on important topics such as Green Cities and Smart Future, Digitalization and Youth Democracy.

18.- 20.4.2018




Accommodation:            Hotel Emilia, City of Hämeenlinna

Participants:                      BSSSC Youth & Tavastia Regional Youth Council members & BSSSC Youth Coordinators

Venue:                                  Wednesday & Friday: OP Bank Meeting room Thursday: HAMK University of Applied Sciences



Wednesday 18th April

Participants:                      BSSSC Youth & Youth Coordinators


Arrival of participants

~16.15/16.30               Meeting at the airport

Chartered bus to Hämeenlinna city (app. 50 mins) Check-in and registration at Hotel Emilia (city centre)


18.00                        Meeting at the hotel lobby and off to OP Bank Meeting room Welcome to Tavastia Region!

Ms. Sari Rautio, Chairperson of the City Board, BSSSC Board member

Welcome to work with BSSSC

Martin Rümmelein & Timo Nikolaisen, Youth representatives in BSSSC Board

Get together activities Briefing to the days ahead


19.30                        Dinner at “the Gingerbread House”






Thursday 19th April

Participants:                      BSSSC Youth & Tavastia Regional Youth Council Members & BSSSC Youth Coordinators & Regional Youth Coordinators


8.15                             Meeting at the hotel lobby

8.30                          Chartered bus to HAMK UAS

9.00                          Welcome words

Representatives from HAMK UAS & Finnish Parliament (tbc) Małgorzata Ludwiczek & Lars Godbolt, BSSSC

9.30                          Ice breaker activity

9.45                          Parallel Sessions





Room: C146

Tavastia Regional Youth Council meeting

Room in Building D

Youth Coordinator’s meeting


Room: Helmi cabinet




Starters and introduction

  • UN SDG’s/UN Youth: UN Youth Finland (tbc)

  • Preparation for CBSS/NCMs: Lars Godbolt

  • ReGeneration 2030 (18th-20th Aug)

Regional Youth Council will have a meeting.

Meeting of the BSSSC Youth Coordinators and Youth Coordinators in Tavastia Region.


  • Environment, nature

  • Circular Bio-economy

  • Plastic Waste Strategy

  • SDGs 11, 12, 13...

Regional Youth Council members will join the workshop after their meeting OR they’ll

join to lunch and then discussions.



  • Connection to digitalization

  • Smart choices for the future

  • SDGs 4, 7, 9, 11...




Declaration/resolution/report for the BSSSC Board and Annual Conference: Martin Rümmelein & Timo Nikolaisen




11.45                            Lunch at HAMK UAS

12.45                           Workshop results and discussion (Room: C146)


13.30                            Coffee Break


13.45                           Working continues (Room: C146)


WORKSHOP 2: Solidarity

Fasilitator: Finnish Youth Councils Association Brief: Malgorzata Ludwiczek & Lars Godbolt, BSSSC Number of participants: approximately 35-40

Starters and introduction

  • Preparation for BSSSC Annual Conference 2018

  • Preparation for EUSBSR Annual Forum 2018

Greetings from the City of Hämeenlinna: Future of the Youth & Sustainable Development Declaration


Preparation for the BSSSC Annual Conference 2018: Youth Event in Autumn 2018 will be back to back with the AC2018.

  • Solidarity

  • Actions between elderly people and youth


Preparation for the EUSBSR Annual Forum Seminar: Nothing about us withouth us

  • Digital tools for youth inclusion

  • Digitalization in general


Youth democracy and participation

  • Do youth care?

  • How can youth be involved in decision making?

  • Chancing experiences


Concrete suggestions and key issues to bring up at the other BSSSC events, “implementation plan”...


15.45                            Workshop results and discussion


16.30                        End of the day

Chartered bus to the city centre 18.00-20.00                                Dinner and evening programme

Old Town Hall, city of Hämeenlinna

Optional walk to the castle and city tour



Friday 20th April

Participants:                      BSSSC Youth & BSSS Youth Coordinators


9.00                          Meeting at the hotel lobby and off to OP Bank Meeting room

9.15                             Wrap up

What did we learn?

What could be better for the next time? What should we follow up?

Draft presentation for the board meeting in Kaliningrad

Martin Rümmelein & Timo Nikolaisen


12.00                            Lunch and farewell at “the Gingerbread House”






Contact information:


BSSSC Contact

Ms. Małgorzata Ludwiczek tel. + 48 91 42 10 322

mludwiczek (at)


Host Region

Ms. Reetta Sorjonen

tel. + 358 44 300 5230

reetta.sorjonen (at)


The organizer reserves the right to changes in the programme.

From left: Martin Ruemmelein (BSSSC Youth Board Member) Kari Lie (former Youth Board Member) and Timo Nikolaisen (BSSSC Youth Board Member). 
Photo: Lars Godbolt, BSSSC.

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