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BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2020


Digital Edition



Youth have the voice!

In these difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic, which has already changed our lives and mindsets, we believe that maintaining communication is even more important than before. We, in the Baltic Sea Region, want to speak across generations on the most important issues. On our fears and ambitions, on the problems we face and the solutions that can be undertaken.

Therefore, on behalf of the Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation, Mieczyslaw Struk - Pomorskie Region Marshal and the BSSSC Chairman, together with the Union of the Baltic Cities, Euroregion Baltic, Pomorskie youth and climate activists invite you to the very first online BSSSC Spring Youth Event to take place on June 2nd-5th 2020.

We already know that the Corona crisis is with us for longer and influences a lot of aspects of our lives. It affects, among others, the ambitions we have had to make our planet clean and safe, and the society caring and prosperous. So we want to discuss what will be the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on:

  • the climate crisis;

  • digital world;

  • education;

  • modern democracy.

There are lots of challenges around us, which we can try to face together! We believe that we all need to think about how to critically react to information flow selecting facts from fakes and getting to know the whole picture. And how every one of us can contribute to a better life.

Working together and across the Baltic Sea, we can be more effective. Our voice will be much stronger, so decision-makers will have to listen. It will be important to take your voice to the EUSBSR AF in Turku, the Conference on the Future of Europe launched by the European Commission and other fora dealing with the state of our Earth and condition of our lives. Acting in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals we have to find solutions.

Let's do this together!


Please register here to make sure you will be a part of this game-changing activity.

Contact: (+48) 58 32 68 313 or



Date: 2nd - 5th of June 2020

Online sessions on ZOOM


  • Please join ZOOM via link before 15:00 PM


June 2nd, 15:00 -18:00 CET


  1. Welcome and opening of the BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2020 meeting - Mr. Mieczysław Struk, BSSSC Chairman

  2.  General introduction to the idea of the BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2020 meeting

  3.  Expert debate/Introduction to the thematic area Green Deal to Fight Climate Crisis in Corona Times

  • Mr Kamil Wyszkowski - Global Compact Network Poland

  • Ms Katarzyna Bałucka – Dębska - European Commission

  • Mr Marcin Gerwin - University of Gdańsk, Sopot Development Initiative

  • Ms Marta Wróblewska – Youth Climate Strike (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia local group)

  1. Discussion

  2. Summary of day 1


June 3rd, 15:00 -17:00 CET

  1. Expert debate/ Introduction to the thematic area Digital World in Post - Corona Times

  • Ms Aleksandra Przegalińska – Skierkowska - Koźmiński University

  • Mr Timo Väliharju - The Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions

  • Mr Krzysztof Stachura - University of Gdańsk, The Foundation Center for Social Research and Analysis

  • Mr Darius Šoparas - Creative Partner

  • Mr Martin Rümmelein - former BSSSC Board Member

  1. Discussion

  2. Summary of  day 2



June 4th, 15:00 - 17:00 CET

  1. Expert debate /Introduction to the thematic area Education for the New World

  • Ms Małgorzata Bukowska - Ulatowska - Teachers Education Centre in Gdańsk

  • Mr Timo Väliharju - The Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions

  • Ms Indre Razbadauskaite – Venske - and Nepaleisk svajones

  • Mr Przemysław Staroń – psychologist,  cultural expert and teacher

  1. Discussion

  2. Summary of day 3



June 5th, 15:00 - 18:00 CET

  1. Expert debate/ Introduction to the thematic area Democracy in the Post - Corona World

  • Mr Marius Ulozas - Institute for Policy Research and Analysis

  • Ms Coline Cuau – CitizenLab

  • Mr Dominik Ringler - Children and Youth Participation in Brandenburg

  • Ms Ewelina Górecka – the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation

  • Ms Daniela Vanić – Democracy International

  1. Discussion

  2. Introduction of the BSYP project

  • Ms Kaarina Williams – Council of  the Baltic Sea States

  • Ms Aline Mayr – Council of Baltic the Sea States

  1. Presentation of the results to the politicians/decision – makers, debate and summing up

  2. End of the BSSSC Spring Youth Event 2020 meeting

Download Programme as PDF

Questions and practical information

Practical information

To register to the event, please visit

  • Make sure you send us the motivation letter (not too long! max 1 page A4 format:-)) - tell us what drives your activities in the BSR. Add graphics, a collage, a film, or a photo if you wish - be creative!

Follow the instructions in the registration form. If you need more information, contact the BSSSC Secretariat: 



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