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12th BSSSC Annual Conference

21-23 October 2004, Malmö (Sweden)

The BSSSC Annual Conference 2004 in Malmö was held at the Hilton Hotel in the center of the city. The theme of the Conference was "Building Bridges - Breaking Barriers. The art of moving forward in the Baltic Sea Region". Region Skĺne hosted the conference with over 300 participants, 8 workshops and at least 35 youths.

The theme of the conference origined from that the regions around the Baltic Sea have great possibilities to improve quality of life of their inhabitants but we also realise that there are many challenges to be dealt with and threats that must be overcome in the future in order to secure such a positive development. The conference discussed the possibilities and challenges from different angles and experiences, and defined how the regional level could contribute to an improvement of the tools necessary for the positive development of the region. The themes of the workshops had their origin in the Northern Dimension Action Plan. The youth perspective on the subjects was given by youth participants from the regions around the Baltic Sea Region.

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