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20th BSSSC Annual Conference

17-20 September 2012, Lilleström (Norway)

Between 17th and 19th of September 2012, the charming city of Lilleström in the Oslo Region of Norway hosted the 20th BSSSC Annual Conference. Upon the invitation of the Eastern Norway County Network, nearly 400 participants – regional authorities from all over the Baltic Sea Region, scientists, project stakeholder and representatives of other Baltic organizations and institutions participated in the event entitled “From economic crises to opportunities and actions – Baltic Sea Regions promoting green innovation in energy and water".

The conference was organized alongside the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference 2012, making it this years's second biggest and most important BSR event, after the BDF Summit / 3rd EUSBSR Forum.

The programme of the conference focused on several issues regarding the area of sustainable, green growth: clean water and green energy, forests as resource for green energy, wind and wave energy, water and energy in urban development and promoting green innovation for the future. The participants had a chance to join in several sessions and five parallel thematic workshops, including a study visit to Akershus Energy Park at Lilleström. The issue of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region appeared many times in the discussions and interventions throughout the conference and it was continued during the BSR Programme Conference over the following 2 days.

The BSSSC Chairman Olgierd Geblewicz in his closing speech referred to the 2012 BSSSC Resolution (adopted by the BSSSC Board on 17 September) which among others:

  • urges the European Union Institutions, Member States and Regions to place renewable energy at the centre of their policies, including  measures fighting the EU financial crisis and beyond

  • appeals to national and regional authorities to strongly support the exchange of best practices concerning renewable energies  and energy efficiency thus fully taking   advantage of the potentials of the regions  

  • encourages all stakeholders to further strengthen the financial support of renewable energy and energy efficiency issues in the upcoming Baltic Sea Region Programme

Closing the conference, BSSSC Chairman Olgierd Geblewicz has handed over the symbolic BSSSC bell to Mr Ossi Savolainen – Regional Mayor of Uusimaa Regional Council – the chairing region in 2013-2014. In his speech, Chairman to-be, Mr Savolainen has officially invited all guests to the 21st BSSSC Annual Conference, which is to be held on 16-18 October 2013 in Helsinki region.

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