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27th BSSSC Annual Conference

18-20 September 2019, Klaipeda, Lithuania

The 27th BSSSC Annual Conference "Sustainable Maritime Economy - BSSSC regions shaping the future of the Blue economy in the Baltic Sea Region" took place from 18 to 20 September 2019 in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

The conference focused on sustainable maritime economy. The maritime, or blue, economy has a significant importance for the whole Baltic Sea Region, and BSSSC has a vision on a healthy Baltic Sea environment connected with a wide range of sustainable economic and social activities. Clear water, safe maritime traffic and healthy wildlife have concrete effects on the sub-regions. Furthermore, blue growth has a strong potential for sustainable business and innovations in many sub-regions in the Baltic Sea area, and can provide positive input to the prosperity of the whole Baltic Sea Region. 


Through interventions, political discussions, sharing best practices and networking – the conference stimulated to ideas and concrete proposals for making the Baltic Sea Region a model region in the European blue economy. 

The Annual Conference gathered around 150 participants from political and administrative level (local, regional, national and EU level) as well as representatives from academia, organizations, NGOs and the private sector from the 11 countries taking part in the Baltic Sea co-operation. The conference covered traditional BSSSC policy areas such as the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and Maritime sustainability issues. 

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